freelance copywriting

Why you should start freelance copywriting TODAY:

freelance copywriting

For many…starting a business will end up in shambles. That’s a negative thought, and I don’t want to put that in the world. But, most simply don’t understand WHAT makes a business tick.

Like many wantrepreneurs, I spent years reading book after book about various entrepreneurial topics, “This next one I crack open will bring me the hidden message…”

It’s okay if you’ve thought the same thing.

I’d waste days reading about, “Here’s what you do if make enough to expand to a new office…”

I’d think: “oh gee, this is important stuff…man, no one else is smart enough to be reading this…”

Let me tell you the blunt truth: You’re wasting your time doing all that. Here’s all you need to know to start a business. This is the important piece many miss…

1. Learn how to make money.

Period. End of story.

That’s all.

Sounds easy, right? Yet, you read an article in Forbes about some hotshot 20-year-old selling his $0 revenue app to Google for $12.4 billion dollars.

“Hey! I can do that!” Look, if you want to win the lottery, go stand in line. But, don’t expect to get rich. The odds are NOT in your favor (that’s right, Hunger Games).  To be successful, start with learning how to make $1…then $10…then $100…then $1,000…you get where I’m going right?

The best, fastest, easiest, cheapest way to do that…freelance your boo-tay off.
Take your skills, whatever it is: writing, sowing, painting, music, teaching, fixing,coaching.

Go on Thumbtack or Craigslist, apply for gigs
Go on Upwork, apply
Most lucrative way: Reach out to companies or people you know, let them know what you’re doing and if you can help.

Now, I’m here to help you quit your job to write. That’s what you and I will work together to do going forward. Once you jump onboard with me, grab a client…

Here’s the magic of what happens…

– You build confidence
– You learn how a business runs (even if it’s just you)
– You learn how to market yourself
– You learn how to fake it til you make it
– You learn what you’re good and bad it
– You learn your mindset

No more would you be hiding behind books and ‘dreaming’ of the day you can tell your boss you’re never coming back (as I did).
Soon it’s a reality.

What are most of you doing right now?

–>‘I don’t have an idea’
–>‘I’m going to build an app and sell it for millions like Snapchat’
–>’I would never cut grass to make money, that’s not a fast path to wealth [while you work a 9-5 you hate]
–>‘I can’t waste my time on a service business. I need passive income!
–>’I don’t have time, I have a kid and wife who needs attention’

You can’t build a passive income business until you understand how to build A business. You can’t play QB for the Cowboys until you understand how to just throw a football and hit someone in stride…not just read and dream about doing it and winning the big game.

KEY: Easiest way to quit your job and work for yourself.  Start freelance copywriting for yourself. Learn how to make a freakin’ dollar for yourself before you think about a $1 million dollars.