i can't do this


One of the most common questions I get in my inbox is one that might shock you…

It’s NOT:

  • How do I get clients?
  • How do I write copy?
  • What do I charge?

i can't do thisNot even close…

I didn’t understand why I kept getting this question at first — I mean who doesn’t want more clients first and foremost? Right?

But as I thought about it more, the question made complete sense. Because it was the same thing I struggled with in the beginning. 

By far, the #1 thing people write to me about is: “I CAN’T DO THIS!” That follows with — “Who does this? Is this a scam?” 

I get the frustration…believe me.

I was talking to a friend after a men’s group at my church last week. I told him about what I do…and his jaw literally hung open in disbelief. Wait…you just sit at home without showering and write for people. And they pay you for it?!!?” 

It absolutely boggled his mind. I don’t blame him…my wife still struggles explaining to people what I do.

Now, about 2 years into doing this full-time, this is all second nature to me. But, for those who are still in “traditional” jobs…it absolutely doesn’t make sense. 

Thinking back, I remember the daily commutes, pointless meetings, pretending to be ‘friends’ with coworkers you have zero in common with…I was there too. So, when you hear about some dude in his PJs writing for clients, from home, and depositing thousands of dollars into his bank account…for writing…suddenly your whole worldview flips. 

And that’s why I get this question again and again. Most haven’t flipped their view. It’s okay. It takes time and practice. Took me years!

There’s a New Normal for Careers:

Here’s what most people think is normal: 

—> You either work a 9-5 job or you’re a hippie musician working as a waiter to make money

—> You were born rich or ‘lucked’ into being rich by building a software company during the tech boom of 2000.

That’s how I used to think anyway.

It’s funny…when I look back at that boyish face just graduating with an accounting degree…I just have so much to share with him.

Here’s a huge lesson I’ve learned from connecting the dots looking backward…

Your best thinking now will not get you to where you need to be. Your best thinking got you to where you are now. You must ELEVATE your thinking to get to the next step.

This sounds like fluff…let me explain…

Riding down the stairs in a box? Seems like a good idea…

i can't do this


Balancing on a ball on a balance beam? Seems like a good idea:

i can't do this

(from Buzzfeed)

But after you break some bones…it’s not.

Your Best Thinking SUCKS!

Where you are in life is all based on decisions that you thought “This is the best thing for me right now.” Not to be cynical, but we are all self-absorbed. We tend to only do things that we will benefit from (even charity…we do it because it makes us feel good in addition to helping others).

So, when you think about “working for yourself” and “writing for businesses”, it’s easy to think like you normally do. “I CAN’T DO THIS!! THIS IS A SCAM!”

When really…it’s just upping your thinking.

Now, this sounds like an argument anyone can peddle for MLMs and scams, so apply this advice with caution…

Because it is imperative to understand if you plan on making a go at writing full-time.

There’s a great book I highly recommend: It’s called “Mindset” by Carol Dweck. 


A main theme in the book is “growth” mindset. I’m sure you’ve heard of this before, but it’s imperative to kicking off a strong writing career (and not wasting a lot of time)

When you have a “growth” mindset, it means you’re never settling with what you know now.

A young child doesn’t come into the world knowing how to walk and talk and build and feed themselves…

They learn this themselves. They have a HUNGER to be independent and do things like their mommy and daddy. When they first walk, they fall on their face again and again. But…they get right back up and try again with a smile on their face.

As you get older, you lose this (big-time). You stop trying to get better and learn for fear of failure and looking foolish.


3 Steps to Becoming a High-Paid Writer

Here’s the key point for you: 

The first step is just knowing —> I will not be the same person in the future than I am now. I need to be a different person to become a successful copywriter.

That’s step one: just knowing.

Second —> do little things. I get this “I CAN’T DO THIS” email so often because everyone looks at where they are and where they want to be. They don’t look at the middle.

Then, they get overwhelmed. Taking our new bathroom remodel as an example…

When we first looked at our old bathroom and sketched out our vision, you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. There was NO WAY we could pull this off. This new bathroom will look so different…

Now, many weeks later…it’s done (will share pics soon).

How did we start? Easy. One step at a time. We worked with a contractor. FIRST STEP: Gut the dang thing. Okay…done. SECOND: Waterproof the dang thing…okay done.

With a writing career, it’s the same thing.

Forget about getting 100000 clients. Find 1. That’s it. Even if they pay you pennies…that first client will give you the confidence of “I CAN do this.” Because suddenly you are officially a “professional” writer. Not a wannabe anymore. You joined the ranks of getting paid for your work.

Let me tell ya…

That first time you make money from something else that’s not a J.O.B…your thinking levels up. I’m serious. Your worldview flips on a dime.

When you hear about “baby steps”, it’s absolutely true. But, does that mean you can’t see HUGE results fast?

Not at all…

If you put in the work…the baby steps become adult steps.

I used to think it was “impossible” to start a business. Now, I’ve started 2 and feel I could start many more.

So, to conclude:

  1. Just know
  2. Baby steps
  3. Grow

You’ll find super fast…”I CAN DO THIS.”