The Ultimate Step-by-Step Roadmap to Quit Your Job to Write in Under 10 Months

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"I’m starting to think this course could be one of the best investments I’ve ever made."
- Gary L.

"You are the first down to earth person who has not acted like a guru who knows everything" - L. Forbes

Ready to quit your job to write, work from where you want, and when you want?

You’ve no doubt heard claims like this before.

But, I’ve never found a faster way to start working for yourself than by writing copy (copywriting).

It's faster than:

--> Starting a business

--> Online marketing

--> “Work from home” jobs

--> Selling oils, exercise programs (all that MLM crap on Facebook)

--> Becoming a famous actor or musician

None of these --- without a lot of luck --- will get you faster to quitting your job than copywriting.

That’s why Forbes calls copywriting the “#1 skill”

No other writing gigs allow you to command fees like this...

Better Than Copywriting.

Or negotiate fees like this...

And it’s a money-making skill set...that could start with you making $5,000 - $7,000 per month.


Even more intriguing...many people don’t even know exist.

Wow'd @ My High School Reunion

See, recently I attended a high school reunion with some old friends. I hadn’t seen many of them in 11-12 years.

One of my old friends asked what I was up to, I told him: “I work for myself. I’m a copywriter. I write sales copy for businesses.”

Immediately, he wrinkled his face and leaned in closer. He either couldn’t believe it or thought I said something else.

(He’s a lawyer. So when I say “copywriting”, he immediately thinks the other kind of “copyrighting” for trademarks.)

After explaining more, he wondered: “So, you work from wherever you want, no clocking in, no commutes, and you pick all your own clients?”

I could almost see his brain doing backflips and running at 500 miles per hour. He has a respectable job, one many probably praise him for on a daily basis. His parents are proud. In-laws gush over him. Plus, as a lawyer, he likely banked a decent amount of cash.

Most don’t understand what I do. Nor do I care, quite honestly. Still, what I do had him fascinated. Especially, when I told him my story.

It’s the same story I’ll tell you in a minute.

In a nutshell --- I’m an ex-accountant turned writer with no degree in writing, experience, or credentials.

I explained to him I had no choice but to hang out my shingle if I really wanted the freedom to work from wherever, have more time with my family, and not cap my income.

See...when I became a writer for the first time, I applied to multiple ‘writing jobs’ at ad agencies, digital marketing agencies, etc. I even snagged a few interviews.

One startup had little money and needed an entry-level writer...A friend in the company even referred to the position…

All the advantages they tell you to have.

Ha...they turned me down cold.

The only available position?

An ad agency intern at $0/hour.  [“Umm...I have a family to feed, ” I muttered into my cell."

The only way I was going to break the chains of my job and change my boring life was to become an independent writer.

And I’ll show you the exact steps to take.

In fact, by the time you finish reading this, you’ll have the step-by-step blueprint to do the same today:

You’ll get the step-by-step blueprint to do the same today:

    1. Where to find writing clients, plus how to get them to respond
    2. Closing clients without feeling like a pushy salesmen
    3. Getting paid high fees even with little writing experience
    4. Banking passive income off commissions (checks show up in the mail!)
    5. Living and writing from  anywhere
    6. Making your own schedule around your family

So, I ask you now…

What’s stopping you from not quitting your job to write?

No experience?

Don’t need any.

No money?

All you need is a computer to write. Heck, a phone if your thumbs are fast enough.

No belief in yourself?

Once you make your first $1,000...the whole world is open to you. Maybe even up to $5,000 - $7,000 per month.

Don’t believe me?

Let Me Introduce Myself Again

My name is Joe Cassandra.

(this is me enjoying my favorite food in New York where my wife and I made an impromptu trip around Christmas).

I grew up in a family of 11 kids. Yep, 11. No spoon-feeding here. By the time I turned five years old, I had four siblings.

In my house, there wasn’t time for coddling or complaining. That’s nothing against my parents, they needed to just stay afloat after all. (I have two kids now, and it’s exhausting!).

Anything you wanted in my worked for it.

Even if that meant selling something.

One day, a neighbor friend asked if my brother and I wanted to make some extra money. “Sweet”, I thought.

The idea? Go door to door selling magazines. I thought I’d be fine doing it...until that first door we knocked on.

A person answered it...half-distracted, half-annoyed...and I immediately froze up.  

My mouth was dry. I had no slick words to say. I would’ve been fired if this was a real job.

Luckily, our neighbor had more confidence than myself, and we sold quite a few magazines that day.

Well, “we” being our team. “I, myself” swore I’d never sell anything again.

In 7th grade, one bright adult thought selling vidalia onions would be a breakout idea for a fundraiser.

My friends sold dozens of bags.

I sold...two.

Who bought the two?

My parents? Heck, no.

I did. Bought with two weeks worth of humming and hawing of the lawn mower in our large yard.

Sales were not for me.

I decided in 7th grade, while the other kids wanted to be astronauts and NFL players, I would be “The CFO of a large company.” No, I did not get any girls because of this.

And, giving myself credit, I stuck with that dream. Through high school, even after taking a year volunteering in Dublin, Ireland...I entered college, enrolled as an accounting major...graduated and started my first job.

That first job was in Charlotte, NC at the 34th floor of the Hearst Tower as a junior financial analyst making $36,000 per year.

$36,000 is a lot when I made $7/hour as a tour guide for prospective students in college.

Nowadays, I had a month in 2018 where I almost hit $36,000. Everything is perspective.

However, there I was…

I had a cubicle, I rode the train into work, in a beautiful building...

I had started my American dream. (or so I thought…).

I remember oh so clearly my first day as a junior financial analyst.

My boss, Eddie, was a boisterous fellow. He seemed genuinely happy I was there. He put his arm around my shoulder as he led me to my cube.

I walked past my cube-mate --- who stared awkwardly --- and Eddie sat me down. The desk was bare and white. The white desk made the beige, mustard-ly color of the cubicles stick out more.

Eddie grabbed a massive black book and dropped it on my desk. *PLOP*. He said, “This is the financials for the company for last year. Why not take a look through them and I’ll be back around lunch.” He bounced away.

I looked at my watch...8:00am. Lunch 12:30pm. I’m supposed to read financial documents and disclosures for four hours?

I looked out the window. 34 floors up, it was a beautiful view. But the sky looked darker today.

...I had made a huge mistake…

I hated my job. I had wasted years of my life to get this dream-crunching job. Plus, I sucked at it to boot.

After a year-and-a-half, I told my wife (who I met in college and married after starting this job), “I need a new start. Let’s move.”

She hated her job too. So we packed up and moved to Dallas, TX. There I found another accounting job but in public accounting.

Instead of doing corporate stuff all day, I got to talk with clients, so more interactive stuff. wasn’t fulfilling. And, still...I sucked at it.

Immediately, I looked for ways out. In three years, I started:

  • A blog (failed)

  • A podcast (failed)

  • Tried building an app (didn’t go anywhere)

  • Tried building a device to put in cars (companies told me it was a bad idea)

  • Tried building a site for married couples to find other married couples for friendship (I got a lot of creepy people...we just wanted friends...not anything else…oh, and it failed)

After all these failures, I took a step back.

I thought “Ok, I hate accounting. I’m terrible at all these projects. What am I doing?”

Then, I thought about it. I didn’t like building all the apps or the websites, but I loved writing the ads and the content for it.

That’s when the light bulb went off. I started pitching clients on writing their marketing materials. I was having fun now.

Signed a few clients. Within five months, I put in my notice to quit.

Within 12 full months of working as a full-time copywriter, I had made 6-figures.

Three years in, I’ve made up to $250,000/year this last year.

All from home.

All without a writing degree.

All without anyone helping me or handing me a job.

I had to work for everything.

I’ve learned to love selling. I look forward to it.


Because I’m now confident in what I’m doing.

I look forward to getting out of bed on Monday.

If you’re ‘living for the weekend,’ you’re doing it all wrong, my friend. No offense. That’s how I used to be. Then, when I got a taste of working for myself, with no ceiling on my income, my whole life changed.

I bought this 2018 red Chevy Camaro for my wife.

She always wanted a red convertible like Barbie. So I bought it for her.

We love fixing up our house.

We’ve remodeled our bathrooms, our kitchen, our yard.

This is tens of thousands of dollars we’re talking about. And I could pay in cash without breakin’ a sweat.

We spent a week in a luxury resort on the Gulf Coast (and paid a nanny a full week to help us with the kids).

My wife and I jetted away for to experience Christmas time in New York for a few days. (thanks mom for watching the kids).

I’m not saying any of this to brag.

I simply want you to see what’s possible.

Because I used to be like most folks. I’d panic because of a $100 oil change. Or, I’d pick the cheapest meal on the dinner menu because we were scrimping.

My wife and I would butt heads on what to spend money on...sometimes arguing and shouting. It was not healthy.

That all has changed.

We go out to steakhouses multiple times per month. And we aren’t purchasing the wimpy 4oz cheap steaks. We’re enjoying 8-12 oz filets and not worrying about the price.

This is what is possible when you have:

  1. Full autonomy of your time
  2. Full autonomy of your income this year
  3. Full autonomy of what you work on

Compare that to working a job:

  1. You have no autonomy of your time --- be there at 8:00am sharp! Don’t leave until 5pm!
  2. You have no autonomy of your income --- you make $36,000/year no matter how much overtime you do or how much value you bring. Yay! 2% salary increase.
  3. You have no autonomy of what you work on --- do what the boss tells you to work on even if you hate it.

I was there.

I worked those jobs.

You may be in a job you hate at the moment as well. Or, at least, you know it’s not what you want to do forever.

There’s a way out of that.

It’s with copywriting.

What the Heck is Copywriting? I'm not an English Major!

Copywriting is the skill of writing words that sell.

Legendary copywriter, Gene Schwartz, says “It’s the force that creates sales.”

If you’ve ever seen an ad on Facebook, Instagram, wherever that took you to a page designed to sell you something...

And after reading the page, you felt the urge to pull out your credit card and buy whatever they were selling that very instance…

That’s the power of copywriting.

It’s being able to sell to millions if not billions of people without ever meeting them.

It’s mastering persuasion...and mastering understanding what customers want and how the product you’re selling can solve their need.

Believe it or not, learning this skill isn’t as hard as you think.

It requires basic understanding of one concept:

We buy based on emotion then back it up by logic.

If you’ve ever known someone who could ‘sell anything,’ it’s not because they understand products better than you, or they have some MBA in business.

Most likely, they have the charisma and skill to pull the right emotional strings at the right time to sway you to their side.

Check out all these magazine covers:

None of them talk about the “logical” reasons for you to pull their magazine off the shelf and put it in your shopping cart.

It’s all emotional. They simply want you to pick up the magazine and begin reading.

We’re emotional creatures.

Once you can talk to creatures emotionally and tap into their primal wants, you’ll be an unstoppable force.

Because companies will pay you a bucket load of money to write this kind of stuff.

Now, I'm not talking about writing tabloid headlines (heck no, I don't write this junk). That's just an example.

My point is that if you can master writing emotionally rather than dull and boring like we learned in school...

You'll get paid handsomely.

And not just a fixed fee --- which you can demand 5-figures for…

But also an unlimited cap on commissions you make for every sale you generate. This is usually unlimited.

If you make 5% per sale and sell $100,000 worth of product…

That’s an extra $5,000.

$1,000,000 in sales?

How about $50,000 in added income?

That’s almost 2X the average salary in America.

Here are just a few deposits from my own bank account…

Imagine a $25,000 deposit into your account!

If you can learn how to write words like the ones on this page (designed to sell something --- a product, idea, etc. ---) you will see a massive influx of cash into your account.

I’ll even give you a crash course into learning all this in just a moment.


You don’t need an English degree.

You don’t even need a dictionary-sized vocabulary.

Because, with copywriting, we write how we talk. I promise, if you skimmed this entire letter up and down, you won’t find a word you don’t understand.

...go ahead and look…

This is how I talk.

I absolutely stunk at grammar and vocabulary in school.

Now, most of what I write comes in at a 2nd or 3rd grade reading level.

(there’s a site, Hemingway Editor, that will tell you this. This page comes in at “Grade 2”).

If you passed 2nd’re in!

All you need to do is say ‘yes’ today and get started.

How Much Can I Make as a Copywriter?

In terms of the compensation, I don’t know what to tell you.

Some of the top copywriters earn over $1,000,000 per year.

A few in my niche bank $600,000 - $800,000 per year.

(A few of them have only been writing for a handful of years).

I’ve made up to $250,000 in a year. And if I could do it...someone once scared as heck to sell a pen to a most certainly can do it.

But it’s not just the money that you get…

Imagine the freedom. Waking up when you want. Taking off to spend time with your family on a Wednesday afternoon.

No boss. No clocking in or out.

Just a week ago, my wife was a bit stressed. So I took the day off, took everyone to Legoland here in Atlanta (not the cool one in Florida...the one here in ATL sucks btw), plus we had a nice lunch and dinner.

I didn’t plan it.

I didn’t get in trouble either.

I admit, I did answer a few emails while my daughter ran around the Legoland playground, but that comes with the territory. That’s ok, right?

Many might think money motivates them.

Well, it doesn’t. Autonomy does.

Researchers from Columbia University and others have proven this. They watched as rats...the lowest forms of filth...would panic and have heightened stress levels when their autonomy was taken away.

Animals locked in zoos and contained living spaces are proven to experience the same stress. Their stress is so great due to lack of autonomy, they have trouble reproducing.

Once little babies --- like the two I have --- reach the age around 10 months or so where they can pick up food and put it in their mouth, they never let you do it again. They want to be autonomous.

Researchers from around the world surveyed adults asking them if they’d rather have more power in their job or more autonomy.

Over 60% said more autonomy. Only 27% said more power.

When we lose autonomy, we feel defeated and lost. Eventually, we give up.

Ever wonder why folks work in the same dead-end job for decades even though it sucks the life out of them? Because their autonomy was taken and they never regained it. So they gave up.

I don’t know where you are in your journey.

You may have just graduated from college. Or, maybe you’ve been in a career for years and you need to get out. I’ve talked to all ends of the spectrum (and helped them too).

No matter what your background is, you can do this.

That’s a bold claim.

Maybe even one you have a hard time believing.

Make no mistake. In no way is copywriting “easy” or “overnight riches.” It takes time, effort, dedication, focus, discipline and really an honest love of the craft.

That’s why I call the site “Quit Job to Write.” I hope if you’ve reached this far, you enjoy writing. Because if you don’t love to write or at least learn to love it, you’ll hit a ceiling that you can’t break through.

Assuming you love to write and you can write at a Grade 2 reading level, you’re already most of the way there.

Which leads to this:

What Will My Daily Life Be Like as a Copywriter?

Your days are spent doing a few activities:

  • Finding clients
  • Servicing clients (i.e. writing)
  • Learning new writing skills

That’s about all.

Finding clients requires you sell yourself. In the beginning, you’ll be nervous. That’s ok. You get better with time.

The second is servicing clients, meaning writing and talking with/for clients.

Last is growing your skillset as a copywriter.  Reading books, studying the great copywriting legends, taking courses all fall into this section.

With that said, here’s how my schedule looks.

Mind you --- I have two kids and a stay-at-home wife.

5:45am - alarm goes up, get to work (I’ll be honest, this is the ideal, it doesn’t always happen)

7:00am - kids wake up, help them in morning

8:30am - wife takes over, I go back to work

11:00am - may do a quick run or exercise of some sort

12:30pm - lunch while checking messages, simple admin tasks

5:00pm - get off work and go out of my home office to the living room

8:30am - 5:00pm - client calls, client emails, research for work I’m doing, prospect to new clients, write obviously

5:30pm - dinner with family

8:00pm - put children to bed

8:30pm - 10:30pm - hang with wife, may have TV on, meanwhile, I’ll do a little work on the couch (less-brain-power-type-work)


As you can gather, there’s isn’t a lot of downtime. I don’t play video games (I sold my PS3 as it was too addictive), I don’t spend a lot of evenings away from the home.

If you’re curious about my weekends, most of them I’m helping with the kids all day, reading a new book each week, and working in the evenings after the kids are in bed.

This is no cakewalk. You will be working more hours than your day job. You’ll be tempted to quit many times. The success stories in copywriting are never overnight. They all start with taking action.

Your first step in taking action is not wasting months even years doing the wrong thing.

That’s what I did…

Instead, it’s possible to shave off time on the ‘learning curve’ and spend your days working on activities that are proven to bring in clients and results.

In fact, claims “A mentor could be life-changing” for your freelance career.

Not because a mentor is ‘smarter’ than you. But they’ve already been through the rough patches.

You will hit rough patches too...don’t get me wrong.

But, you’ll know how to navigate through them.

Which leads us to:

The #1 Reason Most Freelancers Fail

There’s one main reason why most freelancers end up back in the workforce…

They spend too much time doing things that DO NOT produce revenue. When I say revenue, I mean work that actually adds cash in your pocket.

That’s why you’ll hear me say:

  • Screw business cards
  • Screw networking events (the right conferences are great, but screw meetups)
  • Screw working on your website
  • Screw waiting around for referrals
  • Screw your logo, business plan and ‘tagline’, and
  • Screw blogging

The first big problem freelancers make is spending all their time on non-revenue generating activities.

Yes, take literally 5 minutes and set up your LLC.

But after that, you don’t need a fancy website, business cards, a perfect logo or anything like that.

How do I know?

That’s exactly what I did first. All those dumb things above.

Sure, they have a place. But when you’re starting off, trying to quit your job, trying to support your family, all those things are an absolute waste of time.

They’re a waste because it can take months even years for clients to come from those activities.

If you choose to Quit Your Job to Write today, we will be hitting the ground running working towards signing your first client in the next 30 days.

Your first client will pay your bills.

Your first client will allow you to stash money away as you prepare to parachute from your 9-5.

Your first client (most importantly) will give you the absolute confidence that you can do this.

As you muster more confidence, you close more clients faster and with higher revenue.

Remember...I was scared of selling since I was a young boy.

Now...I can’t wait to jump on a call with a prospective client. I’m energized. I’m prepared.

You feel free. True freedom because you’re in control of your destiny.

You’re going to see how to do all that of today.

You’ll get the step-by-step blueprint to do the same today:

    1. Where to find writing clients, plus how to get them to respond
    2. Closing clients without feeling like a pushy salesmen
    3. Getting paid high fees even with little writing experience
    4. Banking passive income off commissions (checks show up in the mail!)
    5. Living and writing from  anywhere
    6. Making your own schedule around your family

This is a proven blueprint that I’ve used myself.

Still, the question lingers:

How is it Possible to Land 5-Figure Clients

With NO Samples and NO Writing Experience

I used to have this limiting belief.

Because teachers and parents have hammered into our skull all about ‘applying to jobs’ and ‘highlighting your experience.’

Here’s why those who hire copywriters don’t care about any of that…

They don’t care about your Harvard degree or your rich parents.

They only care if you can deliver results. In only copywriting and sales do you see immediate results.

It could take a year or two for an employer to uncover if you’re a good accountant or HR rep. That’s why they push you through a boring interview process and grill your background and references.

With copywriting, if what you produce doesn’t generate results within a few days, they either scrap your writing, or try and leverage it even more.

If that sounds scary, it is at first. None of us like to be judged. It’s awkward, uncomfortable, even invading in a way of your personal space.

But once you write something that your client is over the moon about and the commission checks roll in, suddenly it will all click for you.

Here’s the good news…

Even the top copywriters in the world...the Mike Palmer’s, the Clayton Makepeace’s of the world DO NOT have a 100% success rate.

Sometimes even those who have written copy for 30 years write pieces that don’t work.

My first copy pieces were all stinkers.

How did I get hired again?


  • Turned my work in on time
  • Kept in constant communication with my client
  • Was pleasant to work with

Can you do all these things?

If yes, that’s all you need to start. Your clients will keep coming back. Because honestly, most freelancers are lazy, entitled and terrible.

You won’t be. You will stand out from all the others.

Even after you bomb hard, your clients will want you back on the phone by next week. (not all, but that’s how it goes sometimes.)

I’ll show you how to get your foot in the door with clients (“With my apples vs. oranges trick”) plus how to retain clients for the long haul.

It’s all housed in my course, “Quit Job to Write ELITE.”


7 Powerful Modules...

Over 17 Hours of Premium Content

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All the information I've learned over the past few years of writing is contained in one location. Once you join ELITE, you've joined for life.

If you've ever felt that there's more to life than simply going to a job you hate, to collect a tinier paycheck than you'd like...

ELITE could help you get to where you want to go.

Again, my name is Joe Cassandra.

I'm not some 'guru' who has been traveling the country giving pump-up speeches about quitting your job. Every morning, I wake up, skip to my desk (sometimes) and begin working on client projects.

I created ELITE because I believe if you have knowledge that helps others, it is your duty to share it with the world.

At the same time, it's a valuable service to have everything you need recorded and organized in one place for you, hence the reason for this unique service for you.

This course doesn't make me rich...

If you buy it, it won't change my life. However, I believe it could change yours.

That's not a stretch.

I spent years trying to break free from the job I hated.

If you're comfortable enough in your job now, then there's nothing much I can do for you.

If you're not a believer that there are other paths to life and success, this isn't for you.

If you only believe the 'lucky' and 'those born into it' are the only people who get to control their life and wealth, I'm sorry I wasted your time today.

ELITE is for those who already understand there are other paths to success rather than winning the lottery or being born into a wealthy family.

At the same time, you don't need to build the next Google. Sure, copywriting won't make you a billionaire.

But, what about earning $250,000...$600,000...$800,000 per year? How would that change your life.

I'm still on my journey. My goal is to make $1,000,000 in one year as a copywriter. I'm 25% of the way there.

In my first full 12 months, I hit 6-figures.

I believe that is possible for you.

The way to start is by joining Quit Job to Write ELITE. 

Here's what's inside:

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A swipe file is a collection of winning/successful pieces. In this case, you'll get access to dozens of famous ads and copy.

Building a swipe file can be labor intensive. I get you started far ahead of other writers with this bonus!


Who is Quit Job to Write ELITE actually for?

How much will Quit Job to Write ELITE cost me?

You've already seen the value you're getting:

  1. Course itself  with over 17 hours of content($2,550 value)
  2. Bonuses including monthly LIVE calls ($1,898 value)

That's $4,448 in value for just the content portion!

I fully believe (heck, expect) if you follow this system, step-by-step, you could quit your job in under 10 months...

And be making $5,000 - $7,000 per month. 


And once you hit that should only go up from there. At the time of this writing, I'll make around $31,000 in one month. Imagine that for you...

Thus, it's not a stretch to say this entire package is worth over $84,000/year. But, even if you make half of that, the price you'll pay will be absolutely worth it.

So, I believe the price for this course will more than pay for itself with your first client. My first client was a $1,200/month retainer.

You'd have this course paid off with the first check and enough for a few night outs on the town!

You get 100% access to all of Quit Job Elite for one, single payment of:



But only:


I'll show you how to land clients paying $3,000...$5,000...even $11,000! You'll pay a small fraction of that...and you get tons of time to get there.

BEST: This is knowledge you will use forever. Writing copy and landing clients is a skill needed in every type of business. You will never be without a job!

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For most courses of this premium content, they will give you 30-days before letting you return it.

I'm absolutely confident you will enjoy and benefit from the content here, I'll give you a bonus 335 days to put them into action.

Meaning, you'll have 365 FULL DAYS (12 months) to test out the material, land your first client, and see if it was worth the price of admission.

I'm betting if you'll make back the price of this course within 90 days, you'll stick around with me and the other ELITE members for the long haul.

I'll most likely get a lot of non-serious buyers with this incredible guarantee. Some may even steal my stuff, which has taken years to uncover and perfect.

That's okay.

If it makes it easier for you to join me and our Quit Job to Write community...I'll take it.

Click below to get started.


  • Get 30 365FULL DAYS to go through the course and test materials
  • If you aren't satisfied or seeing results, get a 100% full refund
  • keep all the bonuses, all the downloads, even take my swipe file!
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The Love We've Received!

Wait! There's one more thing...

Module #8

The "Hidden Module"

This Module is "hidden" within this course. It's a collection of videos I made AFTER the course was created.

On these videos are burning questions I hear all the time from writers....

--> What kind of contract should I have for client engagements?

--> How do I negotiate without being a jerk? (literally make $1000's in 2 minutes using a script I'll share)

--> What will I do about health insurance? 

--> How do I buy a house now since I'll work for myself?

--> What taxes do I pay?

And much, much more...

This "Hidden Module" will be an ever-increasing collection of common questions. All you have to do is submit a question you want me to do a video on, and I will! These are great for quick 5-10 minute tips.

As of this minute...there are over 2.5 hours of bonus content! A few even have secret downloads not seen in the main course!

Sample video from the "hidden module"

Again, more and more content will be added to this "Hidden Module" making it potentially an entire course in itself!

I'm valuing it at $350 at this moment...but that value will skyrocket as more content is added!

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Ok...Last Thing...

I Will Write You A $100 Check 

The Challenge

**To claim your bonus, you must email me after you complete the course asking for your $100 check. I can verify myself if you've finished it. **

I believe this course is already a steal.

I could actually make $84,000/year within the next 10 months if you follow this system, step-by-step.

Yet, only one single payment of $997 is required. Not to mention...I'll be adding more and more content to the course as we go! And you get complete access to the new content for another payment of $0.00.

I've never spilled all my secrets to anyone...ever on how I quit my job to write. Made 6-figure in my first full 12 I'll make around $31,000 in just the month of this writing...

It's incredible! You'll have so much fun kickin' back, writing, making money for your clients, making money for yourself.

Even if you've never written copy can be taught. It can be done!


The time to start is now.

Click the button below and you'll be taken to a special page where you can complete your order. On that page I'll have all the details for you to get started.

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I'll see you inside QUIT YOUR JOB ELITE today,

Joe Cassandra

Founder of Quit Job to Write


  • q-iconWhat if I have zero writing experience

    If you write emails and text messages…you have the talents to do this. Writing copy is not some college-professor stuffy writing. It’s casual, 4th-grade reading level writing.

  • q-iconI hate sales. I don't think I can close clients

    I was the same way when I was younger. The thought of ever asking someone to give me their money in exchange for what I had was a nightmare. I’d break out in the sweats. It wasn’t until I realized that if I offered something valuable, you don’t feel as scared. Plus, I’ll share with you the exact scripts and sales process I go through.

  • q-iconI have a family and kids...I can't do this

    When I quit my job (as a freakin’ accountant), we had over $221,000+ in debt (only $168k of it was a mortgage…the rest high-interest consumer debt). I only had 3 months of living expenses to feed my stay-at-home wife and 11-month-old toddler. Then, I didn’t have most of what’s in this course. We scrapped by until I figured all this out.

  • q-iconWhere will I actually find clients?

    I will describe how to find your niche (step-by-step). I even show you over 24 niches that need copywriters like you right now. Plus, I’ll show you how to find companies that need you.

    (No, it does not involve or…yuck

  • q-iconWill I need a profile on a Freelancing site like Upwork or

    No, no, no….you won’t touch those sites with a 10-foot pool. Those are the bottom of the barrel locations to find writing work. While everyone else fights over $10 articles, you’ll be uncovering $10,000 projects with little to no competition.

  • q-iconI'm retired and/or do not want to quit my job...what's in this for me?

    Hey, you don’t have to quit your job necessarily. I focus on “quitting” because 80% of people (from a recent survey) are unhappy with their job. If you want to make a nice, tidy side income or retirement income…this will work fine.

  • q-iconI have zero credentials nor a college degree in writing

    Don’t need it! I graduated with an accounting degree. Big mistake for me! Clients don’t care about degrees…they want results. You’re not doing brain surgery.

  • q-iconOk...honest question...what is copywriting?

    Copywriting is the use of words to persuade a reader to buy a product/service or take a specific action. For example, when you read an ad on Facebook, the words on that page are called “copy” and are trying to get you to *click* the ad.

    This is a skill businesses need now more than ever in history…that’s why this is so important today.

  • q-iconHow consistent is writing income?

    This is always an important question…your income will fluctuate up and down. That’s the truth. If you can find retainer clients (who pay you a fixed amount each month), you’ll see more steady income. The awesome benefit to you is you never have a ceiling on what you make (unlike a job). Maybe one month, you make $12,000…the next $4,000. I share cash management tips inside.

  • q-iconHow long will it take to do this course?

    Well, I’ve packed over 17 hours into this course. But, you’ll be able to download the slides if you need to move faster. Plus, you’ll be able to land your first clients within the first few modules. I recommend going through the entire course first…then going back and getting started. Then, you know what to expect.

  • q-iconJoe, what's the refund policy?

    Look, this course isn’t right for everyone. I’m giving you 365 full days to try out the course and see if it’s right for you. If you aren’t satisfied, you simply email me personally at and I’ll give you 100% refund. You keep the bonuses and downloads.

  • q-iconWhat about health insurance?

    This is the first question everyone in my family asks (with a wife and kids). I have a special section in the course just for this. Short answer — you have more options than just the health exchanges. We paid $590/month for 2 adults and 2 kids and had great coverage.

  • q-iconOh, I get it. You make all your money from this course instead of copywriting.

    Actually, I make only about 5% of my revenue each year from this site.  I don’t get paid for speeches on this. I spend 95% of my work time working with actual paying clients. I created QJW because I kept getting asked over and over again how I went from an accountant to a 6-figure writer without experience, connections, samples, and zero salesmanship. If you have knowledge others want, I believe it’s your duty to share it with the world.

  • q-iconI found grammar and spelling mistakes in this very letter. Scam!

    Copywriters do not equal ‘literary scholars.’ We don’t buy after reading a Shakespearean soliloquy. We buy after someone says what we want to hear that pushes our emotional buttons. I write at a Grade 8 and below reading level. You won’t find me writing term papers or research reports. Plus, copywriting requires you write casual. That means starting sentences with “but” and writing incomplete sentences. If that pokes at your ‘grammar police’ self-promotion, then ELITE is probably not for you. Just sayin’.

"Okay...How are you qualified to show me this?"

  • Multiple 6-figure copy launches for clients (some clients do over $100,000,000 in sales)
  • Quit my job (as an accountant) 19 months ago writing copy full-time (didn't know half of what I'll show you)
  • Banked 6-figures in my first, full 12 months going full-time
  • Moved across the country
  • Bought our dream house in beautiful Woodstock, GA
  • Quit my job with over $221,000 in debt
  • Over 15 copy clients right now (many have paid me 5-figures)
  • I'm not a 30-year pro...I know WHAT WORKS NOW for getting clients (not what worked 30 years ago). Because I'm in the trenches with you.

Once I figured out everything you'll discover in this course...this happened to me!

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