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I'm absolutely, 100% ready to take control of my life, my time, and income. There's a HUGE OPPORTUNITY in the business of copywriting.

It doesn't matter if I:

  • Don't have a degree in writing
  • Don't have credentials
  • Don't have experience or samples

It doesn't matter if I failed English class in school!

I'm ready to take a step in the right direction...

This is all true!

Man...there's nothing like your first client...

In 29 days (or less), you could be cashing in your first 4-figure check. I promise...it'll feel like a million bucks!

I'm envious of the feeling you'll get when it happens. It's complete bliss.

Once you get that taste of 'non-job, non-government money'...your whole world changes.

Remember, I made $1,000 with my first client (eventually, it turned into $1,200/month). I made 4x as much at my boring accounting job.

Still, that $1,000 changed everything. I believe your first client will change your life too.

You've already accepted my invitation for my "5-Step Playbook to Quit Your Job To Write". Congratulations!

That's already on its way to your inbox (if it's not there already).

[You're 50% of the way there...]

If you're ready to get a 360-degree picture on your next steps to get you closer to quitting your job and living life on your terms...it's time to invest in yourself.

That's why I wrote my new book: "How to Land Your First Copywriting Client in 29 Days" 

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    My "$2" trick that generated $5,000 in fees

    and responsible (I believe) for over 6-figures in copywriting fees. You’ll get my exact letter to copy.

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    Crash course in writing copy in under 1000 words:

    I give you the bare bones pieces so even if you've never written copy before (or heard of it), you'll be ahead of 90% of writers.

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    Absolute best place to find your first client

    Save countless hours and weeks looking for the right client for you. I'll show you a shortcut.

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    The "In Talks" Maneuver:

    Builds instant credibility when you don't have clients or a track record. This maneuver gets clients interested faster!

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    My "KILLER" Linkedin Strategy

    Get word-for-word scripts on getting Linkedin connections (even ones you don't know) reaching out to you...even wanting to meet you in person

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    "Radar" Technique

    Word-for-word script puts you on the immediate radar of your potential dream client. While other writers pray to be noticed, dream clients will get on phone with you.

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    Top 3 "Do's" and "Don'ts" Mistakes

    Avoid the pitfalls most writers will make causing them to take another desk job...(not you)


Proven 5-figure strategies...for only $7!

You're already getting the "5-Step Playbook" sent to your inbox for free. To now get your specific strategies with exact scripts, all you need to do is put in your information below.

Your credit card will be charged $7 (one-time only) and you'll get your hands on all this information.

I've already shown you examples of how I've personally used these strategies to close $5,000 projects...$1,200/month retainers...

If you landed a $1,000 client in the next week, you'd probably say this is the best $7 you've ever spent! Most folks make money and spend it on junk that eventually breaks.

My new book, "How to Land Your First Client in 29 Days" is knowledge you can use for the next 30 years. 

I mean...$7 is less than a Large Pizza at Dominos. A pizza is here now and gone in 10 minutes (at least in my house).

Isn't 30 years of knowledge worth more than that? Landing a $5,000 client in the next 29 days would buy you 714 pizzas! How about that?

Pick up the book right now.

Again...this is a ONE-TIME OFFER!


This is a one-time offer. You won't see this book again for a $7. I offer it at the very beginning of our relationship to see if you're serious.

When you see this book again...it'll be priced higher.

That's a GUARANTEE. Actually, I expect it to retail for $49. That's how valuable this information is.

Here's what to do now before you miss out on this offer forever:

  1. Put in your billing information
  2. Go get your credit card (it'll take 2 minutes)
  3. After you enter your information, you'll get an email with confirmation and a link to the book area.

The first well-paying client you sign will ripple like a river.

You'll be able to leverage that client into the next client and so on. So many businesses need you right now, there's money essentially lying on the street.

Are you going to pick it up?

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