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Landing your first client is a life-changing event. My first client was a $1,200/month retainer! I'll show you 4, proven, high-powered strategies to get your first, high-paying client.




  • No experience or samples!
  • No connections!
  • No cold-calling or pushy sales tactics!
  • No (especially) dumb, penny-grubbing freelancer sites!

"My first client was a $1,200/month retainer!"

[ALERT]: Businesses need your help desperately!

They need you right now to be their copywriter to increase sales...ASAP!

There just aren't enough real copywriters out there to fill the demand...

And, in this short letter, I'll show you not one...not two...but four proven, money-making strategies to sign your first 4-figure client in the next 29 days.

You won't have to cold call, do any sort of door-to-door salesmen (yikes!), or become a pushy, annoying salesmen.

All four strategies are easy, low-stress methods.

Because, again, businesses need copywriters like mad right now. Owners are realizing referrals and short ads in the newspaper don't work as well anymore. They need someone like you who is willing to write compelling copy to drive sales.

Forbes calling copywriting:

"[Copywriting is] The only essential skill you need to be successful..."


Or, David Ogilvy...founder of one of the largest agencies in the world (Ogilvy & Mather) and also rumored to have inspired the Golden-Globe and Emmy-winning show, Mad Men remarks:

“Copywriters may not be the most visible people...but they are the most important."

David Ogilvy, Founder of 9-figure ad agency.

Compelling content from a business is as important as ever to persuade customers to spend their hard-earned money.

The content marketing sector alone is projected to be a $300 billion dollar industry by 2019, according to


You'll do that as an independent copywriter who:

  • Works from home
  • On your own schedule
  • With no terrible boss to answer to, or
  • Snooty coworkers to interact with

Don't worry if you have zero experience and no samples to show. You, honestly, could start right now.

For accepting this lucrative'll be rewarded mightily for it!

Top Copywriter believed to make close to $2 million in a year!

Clayton M. is regarded as one of the top copywriters alive. He makes a nice living for himself and spends time coaching other copywriters.

Said to make over $600,000/year!

Bob B. is another living copywriter legend. He's written dozens of books on copy and was a millionaire in his 30's.

Even the most renowned writing company in America agrees with how lucrative it is to be a copywriter...

"Earn...$100,000, $200,000 or more a year" [as a copywriter]

* American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI)*

Now, these guys have been writing for I can't say you'll make that much out of the gate.

But, it's absolutely possible to make 6-figures in your first year if you follow the strategies I'll lay out for you.

A nice perk is that all you need is:

  • Laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Email (free)
  • Google Drive (free)

I'm betting you already have a computer and a solid internet connection in your home.

Now, all that's left is to land your first client...and that's why I'll share with you 4 client-magnet tactics I've used personally myself.

One strategy, I call it my "$2" trick, landed a $5,000 project!

Actually, I owe this trick much more than a $5,000 windfall...

My precious "$2 trick" is actually worth 6-figures to me...

And, I'll tell you why...

Because I leveraged the heck out of the copy I wrote to land multiple 4-5 figure projects down the line. Stick around and I'll show you how to do this too.

First, it's important you know who I am and why I'm qualified to reveal all of this to you.

$221,000 in debt...Stay-at-home spouse...11-month old toddler...ugh job!

Made 6-figures in first 12 months writing

Hi, my name is Joe Cassandra.

Around 23 months ago, I bet I was in a relatively same position you are now.

See...ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a 'hot-shot' accountant. "CFO of Coca-Cola" with a huge mahogany desk on the 46th floor. Perhaps, a beautiful overlook of a park in the downtown area.

Sounds silly now...

Well, I graduated college (saddled with $30,000 in student debt) with a newly minted accounting degree. My first job as a financial analyst got me to the 34th floor of the Hearst Tower in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Unfortunately...right when I sat down in my "very own" dusty, beige cubicle, I knew I had made a crippling career mistake.

"This was not what I was meant to do with my life," my insides screamed...

Scared --- I frantically searched for a way out. For 4 years (!), I tinkered with a dozen business ideas. Guess how much I made from all of the...$1.


Well...let's fast forward to August 2015. I found something actual skill that is (and still is) needed...copywriting.

Using two of my prospecting strategies (I'll show you), I landed my first client...a $1,200/month retainer!

Since then, my whole life has changed.

  • I quit my accounting job on February 1, 2016 (a mere 6 months after my first client)
  • My wife, toddler, and I moved into our dream house (recently remodeled the entire kitchen...paid in cold, hard cash)
  • I work when I where I want

My income has doubled from my last accounting job...(should triple this year).

Allow me to give you a glimpse...

Here's just 70 days of work:



Once you discover how to land's gravy

Imagine Ditching the J.O.B.

At the time of this writing, I expect to clear around $31,000 just in this month alone...

Imagine that for yourself...

Best part...I have more time with my family.

  • No more time-wasting commutes
  • No more mind-numbing meetings to slog through
  • No more bosses/coworkers I can't stand
  • No more paltry 2% "raises"
  • No more worries about having to take a second job
  • No more freakin' job!...period.

I wake up on Monday looking forward to the work week. You'll love what you do!


Just last week, after landing a $7,500 project (plus 5% commission), I turned to my wife Sam and asked:

"So, honey, if you could go anywhere in the world right now. I mean, pack our bags, take Chloe (our daughter) and go, name it." 

She stared at me bewildered...her eyes sparkling...


None of this is for bragging or show. Much like you, I started with zero writing experience, no connections or samples, no "rich daddy" to pay my bills.

In fact, when I quit my job, we had debt up to our eyeballs.

My "Quit Job" Circumstances

I had 3-months of living expenses...a stay-at-home 11-month old daughter...$168,000 mortgage...$10,000 credit card debt ...$28,000 van debt ...$11,000 car #2 debt ...$7,000 medical debt ...$22,000 in student loans…



Not glamorous, right?

Family members called me "crazy" for quitting. If you're in a better spot than I was here...than you'll probably do much better than me!

Here's the point...

You don't need to be an expert writer like Stephen King to make an incredible living being a copywriter.


Here's an insider secret...

It's not that one is a "better writer" than another. (I'm not the best writer).

Not at all.

There's only one thing that separates them...and if you take anything from this personal letter...please let it be this...

The answer is...

One knows how to get paying clients...the other doesn't. That's it. Forget who is a better writer. It all comes down to having clients or not.

You've heard the stat about "90% of businesses fail," right? The reason they fail, typically, is not because the business owner was "bad" at what they did.

Many were probably experts in their field. The only difference between the 10% who succeeded, and the 90% who didn't was this one thing.

The 10% had customers in their pipeline.

McDonalds doesn't have the "best burger in town." I've never heard of them winning that recognition.

But, I'll tell you what they do have...

The skill to get hungry customers into their front doors.

Your favorite local joint was recently voted "best burger in town." Yet...they went out of business! What the heck happened?

Because they didn't have the skills to bring flocks of customers in.

Many great writers will be forced to take desk jobs because they lack this one, essential skill.

For you, the only concrete skill you need to learn fast (even before becoming an amazing writer) is getting clients mailing you checks.

More specifically, it's:

  1. Finding the right companies to work with
  2. Getting them interested and signed up

Do that...and you'll be a golden writer.

For 4 years, I stumbled along with one failed business after another...this core idea I mentioned above was foreign to me. Instead, I tried "reinventing the wheel" and making "cool, hip products."

Dumb Joe.

You won't make that mistake. I'll show you four strategies that'll demonstrate this client-generating power. You'll focus the next 29 days on these strategies and you could easily land your first 4-figure client.

Heck, you could sign 2-3 awesome clients if you find the right companies!

Now, this key point around client-generation above sounds fairly obvious...but, I bet you it's not. I actually guarantee you it's not obvious to most writers!

How do I know?

See how many "copywriters" are on freelancer sites like Upwork and streetfighting and scrounging for cheap,low-paying writing gigs!!!

An Open Plea for Those Using Cheap Sites Like

I'll show you:

I literally logged into my Upwork account and this was the first "recommended job" posting I saw:

$7 for 500 words of text! (Nowadays, I charge $100-$500 for this)

Scrolling's 10-15 writers in a scrum to get this "recommended" job!

Here's my first (and last) gig on Upwork before I realized this wasn't the way.

Look! I worked for less than $8/hour. Meaning, I could've made $10/hour pouring coffee at Starbucks (plus have health insurance!)

Don't fall for this trap! There's a better way!

The High School Reunion...

This won't be you, I promise.

You'll be playing a completely different game than those broke writers. You won't be at the mercy of these bottom-feeders. You'll be in control.

You'll be doing something you're proud of and others respect you for it.

Recently, I attended a reunion with some old high school friends. I hadn't seen many of them in 10-11 years.

Image result for reunion

                                 What will you be doing at your next reunion...?

One of my old friends asked what I was up to and I told him: "I work for myself. I write sales copy for businesses." 

Immediately, he wrinkled his face and leaned in closer. He couldn't believe it. After explaining more, he wondered:

"So, you work from wherever you want, no clocking in, no commutes,

you pick all your own clients...?"

I could almost see his brain doing back flips and running at 500 miles per hour. Not to mention, he had a respectable job. Probably made great money.

But, what I do now simply had him fascinated. Especially when I told him the story I told you: Ex-accountant turned writer with no degree, credentials, or experience.

I explained I had no choice but work for myself if I wanted to write from anywhere and have more time with my family.

See...when I wanted to become a writer for the first time, I applied for multiple 'writing' jobs at ad agencies, digital marketing agencies, etc. Even a startup with little money needed a writer...and I was willing to accept low pay...and they turned me down.

The only available position --- ad agency intern for $0/hour. ["Umm...I have a family to feed..."]

The only way I was going to break the chains of my job and change my boring life was to become an independent writer.

That's what this letter shows you. Nabbing that first client which then multiplies into two clients...then three...then, you're making enough bucks to quit your job.



I won't fluff this up and paint pictures of 'write from the beach with waves crashing at your feet' fantasies. I've seen many 'write from anywhere' ads that say that.

The reason I'm not painting that picture is because that's not what I want to do. For me, I simply wanted more time with my family and more income. I wanted kids who saw their Dad all the time, who went to their recitals and baseball games.

Sure, one day we will own a beach house...but, that's not the priority.

For you, maybe it's similar to me. Or, maybe you want to work on the other side of the planet. Or, who knows, maybe you actually do want to write from the beach.

Either's entirely possible as long as you know how to pick up clients. Even if you have zero experience, zero samples, zero connections.

It all starts with these four strategies...these strategies will get you miles ahead of those broke writers on You won't feel sleazy doing them. Plus, they work even if you're an introvert.

Ready to hear all about these four strategies? 

Let's do this...


  • 1

    Facebook Posts

    Leverage the connections you have on Facebook. There’s opportunities locked away in your “Friends” list. You simply have to dig it out

  • 2

    Networking 2.0

    No...I don’t mean going to your local Chamber of Commerce meetings. You need to find where your ideal clients are hanging out. That’s where the money is.

  • 3

    Linkedin Connections

    Much like Facebook, you have opportunities hidden inside your “Connections” on Linkedin. If you have zero connections on Linkedin, it’s time to start building…

  • 4

    Real Life Letters

    We miss the good ol’ days when every message arrived through the “Post.” Today, it’s a lost art. Imagine the joy a prospect gets when they see your letter in their mailbox.

These four strategies catapulted my own business at the very beginning. They provided me the "small wins" that eventually turned into bigger and bigger wins. Thus, leading me to today where I'll bank around $31,000 in this month alone.

You're most likely in a similar position to the one I was in when I started:

You're not happy where you're ready to make a 180-degree change...You're frustrated with the wall you've smacked into concerning your income...

Staying where you are isn't going to solve the problem.

That's why you're reading this letter...You're looking for something different. You've already taken the first step by looking for answers...

But, you must not stop...

Today, you'll get 100% access to my top 4 strategies summarized above. You'll get step-by-step instructions, actual working scripts, and much more.

It's all contained in my latest book:

"How to Land Your First Copywriting Client in 29 Days"

Inside discover:

  • >>>

    My "$2" trick that generated $5,000 in fees

    and responsible (I believe) for over 6-figures in copywriting fees. You’ll get my exact letter to copy.

  • >>>

    Crash course in writing copy in under 1000 words:

    I give you the bare bones pieces so even if you've never written copy before (or heard of it), you'll be ahead of 90% of writers.

  • >>>

    Absolute best place to find your first client

    Save countless hours and weeks looking for the right client for you. I'll show you a shortcut.

  • >>>

    The "In Talks" Maneuver:

    Builds instant credibility when you don't have clients or a track record. This maneuver gets clients interested faster!

  • >>>

    My "KILLER" Linkedin Strategy

    Get word-for-word scripts on getting Linkedin connections (even ones you don't know) reaching out to you...even wanting to meet you in person

  • >>>

    "Radar" Technique

    Word-for-word script puts you on the immediate radar of your potential dream client. While other writers pray to be noticed, dream clients will get on phone with you.

  • >>>

    Top 3 "Do's" and "Don'ts" Mistakes

    Avoid the pitfalls most writers will make causing them to take another desk job...(not you)

  • >>>

    3 Top Places to Find Copy Jobs

    I've found 3 great spots to locate some beginner jobs (not on job boards) that pay very well. Recently, one client from these boards turned into a 5-figure client

While the other writers battle it out for $5-$10 could be landing $1,200...even $5,000 contracts using these techniques.

All because you'll be turning over stones others haven't looked under. Lying under those stones could be 4-5 figure projects there for the taking.

Remember, businesses need copy more than ever. They need you to help them make sales to the ever-more skeptical consumers out there.

What if I don't know how to write copy...?

Well, I included in the book a crash course on writing copy. Just enough tips and tricks to get you sounding like a copywriting pro.

Your fear about being "good enough" will linger awhile. That's okay. This book is here to guide you in those first, initial stages.

Because the greatest destroyer of feeling "inadequate" is landing well-paying clients. A switch *clicks* in your brain. I like to think it's real-life magic!

Even still...I understand you being skeptical. You've heard "write from home" pitches before and most are 100% scams. I honestly think, within 29 days, if you implement all four of these strategies, you'll land multiple clients. Not just one.

These strategies alone accounted for 5-figures for myself alone. won't have to pay anything near 5-figures to get your hands on these four, complete strategies.

Like I mentioned, my first client was a $1,200 retainer. This was obtained from one of my four strategies.

Here's the first check for the installment agreement. It's prorated the first month, so it's $1,000. $1,200/month the following months.

Just one of the four strategies got me this check (and many more to follow)

That $1,000 check felt like a million dollar check. I made 4x as much at my accounting job at the time, yet this was a whole different experience.

It's why I still have copies of these checks. They marked a day in my life when everything changed.[Promise me, when you land your first 4-figure'll save copies of your checks. It's worth it...and it could be just around the corner for you]

Imagine how proud your parents and your significant other will be with this newfound source of wealth!

You'll feel great...but smile to yourself...because you'll have a dirty secret...

The secret?...Well,

To get your hands on these profit-making strategies isn't going to cost you thousands. Although, these strategies brought in over $10,000+ directly in fees, you won't pay anything close to that.

Normally, I'd retail the book for $49. But, since you downloaded my "5-Step Playbook" free report, you will get access to these strategies for 85.6% OFF.

Yes...get the complete guide with strategies that generated over $10,000+, for a mere $7


Tax already included.

That’s less than a McNuggets meal at McDonalds. Or, a Large Pizza at Dominos.

This value is incredible...

Since this offer is only for you for downloading my “5-Step Playbook to Quit Your Job” I must warn you…

fade-leftfade-rightTHIS IS A ONE-TIME OFFER

If you don't take action won't see this offer again.

If you do see this book'll be a higher price (I'm planning to retail it for $49)

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Congratulations on taking this step!

When you're ready to get your hands on these 5-figure strategies...


Look, if you've read this far, you're obviously in a situation you want to change. You're in a job you don't like... or, (and this happens too), you're a retiree looking for a way to make extra money.

THINK ABOUT THIS ---> You're best thinking got you to where you are now. This same thinking won't get you to the next level. That's a fact. You need alternate ideas and strategies.

I'm doing my absolute best here to provide you a faster, easier path to make life-changing money as a copywriter.

Perhaps, like I was, everyday you trudge into the workplace exasperated. You look around and feel disgusted with yourself.

I would sigh and collapse into my office chair saying prayers along the lines of " Dear God, please get me outta this job ASAP!"

Well, those prayers were heard.

If you've felt the same at your job, get up now, go get your credit card, and let's do this.

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Congratulations on taking this step!

When you're ready to get your hands on these 5-figure strategies...


You may be overwhelmed at this point...You have other responsibilities obviously. Is it really possible to get this going without neglecting your family and friends?


I had a stay-at-home wife (still pregnant) and a 11-month-old toddler in tow when I was working on building my copywriting business.

You're already doing hard work at your job now. It's time to do some hard work for yourself where the boss doesn't take 92% of the income from your blood, sweat, and tears.

The first step to making a change is a small step in the right direction. You don't want to do something 'extreme' or else it won't work.

Think of this like losing weight...

If you haven't worked out for years, putting yourself through a gym workout 7x a week for the next 52 weeks is a bad idea. Most likely you'll struggle through and quit. I'd be the same way.


Instead, you start with working out 2-3x per week, and work up from there. It's the same thing here. You start with focusing on signing one client. That's it.

That's your first goal. After that, you focus on your second client. Build from there.

Small steps in the right direction.

This $7 book is your first step in the right direction. If you do nothing'll do nothing later.

This $7 isn't going to make you rich overnight. But, $7 isn't going to make you poor either. Rather, it's the perfect price.

It separates those who are serious about changing their life and their income...from those who will be at their same job for the next 10 years.

The latter folks will bump into old coworkers at the grocery store and have to shamefully admit they are still "plugging away for the Man" at their same-old desk job.

Will that be you?

Famed Copywriter David Ogilvy observed:

"If more copywriters were ambitious, they too would find fame and fortune."

One client could change your life. It changed mine. In the next 29's possible.

And, best part, you don't need to pay an arm and a leg to discover how.

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When you're ready to get your hands on these 5-figure strategies...



Joe Cassandra

6-Figure Copywriter

 P.S. A death blow to you taking control of your life is at play here. This death blow keeps you handcuffed to one source of income: your boss.

The crippling blow is this...if you don’t invest in yourself, no one will invest in you. If you’ve ever heard the analogy about: “A messy desk is a messy mind.” It’s the same phenomenon at work right now with the decision you must make now.

Will you invest in yourself so others will invest in you (your copywriting)? Or, will you scoff at the price and thus see prospects scoff at you? If you want to invest in yourself right now….go here.  

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Congratulations on taking this step!

When you're ready to get your hands on these 5-figure strategies...