How to “get” Big Ideas for Your Writing

When it comes to writing any sort of interesting copy, it all comes down to a BIG IDEA.  If you’re looking for a truckload of clients… come at them with BIG IDEAS and you’ll nab a few willing participants even if you’ve never written a lick. I’ll show you how in just a minute… If you’re…

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Win the Ultimate Writer’s Package to Make 2018 a Life-Changer

2018 could be the biggest year of your life. And I’ll help you get there. Because I’ve already launched the largest giveaway of my career. I’ll share with you all the details in a minute. And you must hurry because it’s expiring on December 30th. Here’s what to do right now… Imagine by December 31,…

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i can't do this


One of the most common questions I get in my inbox is one that might shock you… It’s NOT: How do I get clients? How do I write copy? What do I charge? Not even close… I didn’t understand why I kept getting this question at first — I mean who doesn’t want more clients…

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I get emails from folks all the time claiming “Copywriting is too crowded…have you been on Upwork recently?!” Yeah, Upwork blows.   (ughhh) I’ll get hate mail from those making a full-time living from Upwork (kudos). But, going to sites like Upwork and is like setting up your hot dog stand next to 20…

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freelance copywriting

Why you should start freelance copywriting TODAY:

For many…starting a business will end up in shambles. That’s a negative thought, and I don’t want to put that in the world. But, most simply don’t understand WHAT makes a business tick. Like many wantrepreneurs, I spent years reading book after book about various entrepreneurial topics, “This next one I crack open will bring…

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5-figure project


Since I’ve started writing copy (self-employed), I’ve gotten a bunch of emails/DMs asking about various topics of freelancing. (Hate the term freelancing as it always is associated with ‘broke’ and ‘living with mom and dad’ — not true)… I used to work as an accountant and made something like $58,000/year. At this point in 2017,…

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freelance copywriter

How to become a freelance copywriting master (Don Draper style)

First. You have to love to write. You’ll be writing over and over. You’ll be editing. Clients will look at a piece you spent 5 hours and in 2 minutes will put red lines through it. You’ll feel like a failure, but that’s what you deal with when you get into the “creative” world. Everyone…

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